Play It Forward

Play It Forward

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Play It Forward fundraiser for all
Created by: Smith Playground

$ 53,517.00
Goal$ 38,000.00

Hello Friend,


Thank you for helping Smith Memorial Playground & Playhouse meet and exceed its fundraising goal! Every extra dollar will help provide more opportunities for Philly's kids to play. Since 1899 Smith has stood as a beacon for the joy and benefits of play. Today, a safe space to play is more imortant than ever. Please support the Play It Forward fundraiser so that more children can grow up to be healthy and creative adults.  


Thank you!


Frayman, Julia and Igor$ 5,000.0012/31/2021222 dForrester, Anna$ 5,000.0012/01/2021252 dThaker, Abigail$ 2,600.0012/09/2021244 dUnkefer, Jamie$ 2,500.0012/22/2021231 dNeiva, Betsy$ 2,230.2012/30/2021223 dForrester, Anna$ 2,200.0012/09/2021244 dHenries, Charles$ 2,080.0012/17/2021236 dACHEY, DAVID$ 1,820.0003/11/2022152 dDorrance, Suzanne$ 1,072.4712/31/2021222 dPettine, Betty and John$ 1,040.0012/10/2021243 dgordon, daniel$ 1,040.0012/31/2021221 dOchroch, Kathy$ 1,040.0012/16/2021237 dWielgus, Stephen$ 1,040.0012/11/2021241 dSmith, Robert$ 1,040.0005/02/2022100 dGalbally, Erin$ 1,040.0012/23/2021230 dMannella, Marc and Mamie$ 1,040.0012/15/2021237 dTow Foundation$ 1,000.0012/31/2021222 dElizabeth J.Cohen and, David J. Whellan$ 1,000.0001/19/2022203 dJaffe, Susan$ 1,000.0012/17/2021236 dKelsen, Peter and Katherine$ 1,000.0012/29/2021224 dThe Albert Trust$ 1,000.0012/29/2021224 dRockett, Thomas$ 812.4503/30/2022133 dGalbally, Erin$ 780.0012/16/2021237 dKing, Joan$ 600.0001/18/2022204 dLeggins, Vincent$ 562.0003/07/2022156 dAnonymous$ 520.0012/30/2021223 dSendel, Erik$ 500.0012/10/2021242 dHirsh-Pasek, Kathy$ 500.0012/12/2021241 dRoffman, Miller$ 500.0001/18/2022204 dDietl, John$ 500.0001/18/2022204 dNoam Kugelmass, Laura Efros$ 500.0012/16/2021237 dAnonymous$ 416.0012/10/2021243 dSaeedi Bidokhti, Shirin$ 375.0012/02/2021251 dRockett, Thomas$ 338.0012/03/2021249 dCucchiara, Maia $ 312.0012/17/2021236 dRobert Warner, Jean Hemphill $ 300.0012/31/2021222 dIams, Robert$ 290.0004/28/2022104 dNguyen, Allison$ 260.0001/04/2022217 dFrattone, Heather$ 260.0012/30/2021223 dForrence, Theodore$ 260.0012/31/2021221 dTilley, David$ 260.0005/01/2022101 dFedirko, Mary Beth$ 260.0012/17/2021235 dOlesh, Ivy$ 260.0012/10/2021242 dLYNCH, DAMIEN$ 260.0012/31/2021222 dAllina, Amy$ 250.0012/28/2021225 dRom, Adam$ 250.0012/18/2021235 dLefkowitz, Dr. Stanley and Debra$ 250.0001/18/2022204 dAnonymous$ 250.0001/10/2022212 dDry, Cecie and Paul$ 250.0001/03/2022219 dKerr, Ifraj$ 225.0004/18/2022114 dBeaser, Larence$ 208.0012/16/2021237 dSparks, Laura and Andrew $ 208.0001/01/2022221 dKim, Danielle$ 208.0012/18/2021234 dMcKenna, William and Lorraine$ 200.0001/18/2022204 dKhan, Joe$ 175.0012/10/2021243 dFritz, Alison$ 150.0012/31/2021222 dHendler, Dr. Barry$ 150.0012/29/2021224 dOppenheimer & Co. Inc.$ 108.0012/29/2021224 dKohn, David$ 108.0001/03/2022219 dYoung, Lauren$ 104.0012/30/2021223 dOneill, Ellen$ 104.0005/01/2022101 dBrinton, Joanna$ 104.0012/30/2021223 dMandel, Brett$ 104.0012/21/2021232 dHartman, Katharine $ 104.0012/17/2021235 dForrester, Bianca$ 104.0001/15/2022207 dKatz , Leah$ 104.0012/16/2021236 dPanfil, Anne$ 104.0001/17/2022205 dGeller, Laura$ 104.0012/31/2021222 dMuroff, Dan$ 104.0012/21/2021231 dDaniel, Nadia Billig$ 104.0012/17/2021236 dWise, Meg$ 104.0012/21/2021231 dKimble, Sherilynn$ 104.0012/27/2021225 dSullivan, Megan$ 104.0002/16/2022174 dWest, Lois and Bill$ 100.0001/28/2022194 dHurtig, Mary$ 100.0012/26/2021227 dKohles, Robin$ 100.0012/26/2021227 dKhan, Tarik$ 100.0012/17/2021235 dNicoletti, Danielle$ 100.0005/06/202296 dKlehr, Zachary and Deborah$ 100.0012/18/2021235 dHarel, Lauren$ 100.0012/18/2021235 dGoldberg, Jay L. $ 100.0001/19/2022203 dPelley, Selma$ 100.0001/19/2022203 dBrennan, Thomas and Caroline$ 100.0001/19/2022203 dPaul Laskow, Margaret Meigs$ 100.0001/18/2022204 dWilson, Nathalie and Mark$ 100.0012/28/2021225 dKnapp, Carl and Josephine$ 100.0012/29/2021224 dLeonard, Christine John$ 100.0012/30/2021223 dCoghlan, Angela$ 100.0012/29/2021224 dLevinson, Rosalie Sam$ 75.0001/03/2022218 dEisenberg, Burton and Janet$ 60.0001/19/2022203 dHoke, Lisa$ 52.0012/30/2021223 dSchatzman, Maria$ 52.0001/01/2022221 dCHUNG, CHRISTINA$ 52.0012/27/2021226 dHoffman, Cate$ 52.0012/22/2021231 dOwen, Penelope$ 52.0012/27/2021226 dM Spector, Phillip$ 52.0012/19/2021234 dRice, Kay$ 52.0012/17/2021236 dToy, Andy$ 52.0012/24/2021229 dColeman, Susannah$ 52.0012/01/2021252 dCurcio, Paul$ 50.0012/30/2021223 d

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