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  • Already created a Personal Online Fundraiser?

    Find your Personal Online Fundraiser(s) and click to view Donors.  Invite new supporters with one click on Tell A Friend, or send to yourself and then forward the invitation received to your email contacts.


    To modify your fundraiser(s) click on the "MODIFY" buttons, include your changes and save/publish.


    This includes:


    • Change the TItle/Name of your fundraiser
    • Modify your fundraising Goal (if left at 0, amount raised will be undisclosed)
    • Upload a new photo/image at any time Modify your personal message
    • End your Personal Online Fundraiser


    Use the SEARCH button to also view draft and closed fundraisers. 

    • If  you see your fundraiser in "Draft", wait for our confirmation.
    • If you see your fundraiser "Open", invite supporters with one click on Tell A Friend. 
    • If you see your fundraiser "Closed" you can reopen it by changing the close date.
  • Wish to create a Personal Online Fundraiser?

    You can host as many personal online fundraisers as you wish. 




    • Use a name easy for people to find you
    • Upload an image/photo people will recognize you by
    • Publish and visit your fundraiser to invite supporters
    • Notice: Once your fundraiser is published, click on the Tell A Friend button to invite supporters, add as many emails as you wish, or send to yourself and then forward to all your contacts!

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