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Created by: Smith Playground
Category: Play It Forward

$ 36,826.00
Goal$ 50,000.00

Dear Smith Friends,


Thank you for helping Smith Memorial Playground & Playhouse meet its fundraising goals! Every dollar helps to provide more opportunities for Philly's kids to explore their environments and exercise their imaginations through playful learning opportunities. Since 1899 Smith has stood as a beacon for the joy and benefits of play. In the city of Philadelphia today, a safe space for kids to be kids is more important than ever. Please support the Play It Forward fundraiser so that more children can grow up to be healthy and creative adults.  


Thank you!

Smith Playground 

Forrester, Anna$ 5,000.0012/18/202243 dNeiva, Betsy$ 2,545.2811/30/202261 dHoover, Frances$ 2,500.0012/31/202230 dElizabeth J.Cohen and, David J. Whellan$ 1,500.0012/27/202234 dFamily Focus Media, LLC$ 1,500.0001/03/202327 dWarman, Ronald$ 1,040.0012/31/202230 dKasprowicz, Eric and Adrienne$ 1,040.0012/31/202230 dErmey, Lindsey$ 1,040.0012/09/202252 dRoss, Daniel Faye$ 1,000.0012/07/202254 dHerrin, Dena$ 1,000.0001/03/202327 dJaffe, Susan$ 1,000.0001/03/202327 dSamuel Tabas Famaily Foundation$ 1,000.0001/17/202313 dErin Galbally, Catherine Glenn $ 1,000.0012/09/202252 dPANO, PA Assoc of Nonprofits$ 1,000.0001/03/202327 dOchroch, Kathy$ 1,000.0011/16/202275 dSendel, Erik$ 750.0012/20/202241 dBenton, Brett$ 520.0012/30/202231 dWielgus, Stephen$ 520.0011/30/202261 dMurphy, Melissa$ 520.0012/29/202232 dWebb, Andre$ 520.0012/31/202230 dBodek, Hanley$ 500.0012/17/202244 dStern, Elsie$ 500.0012/06/202255 dHarvey , Rosella$ 500.0012/19/202242 dPessin, Adam$ 500.0012/22/202239 dMattoon, Danielle$ 500.0012/04/202257 dKing, Joan$ 300.0012/22/202239 dUnkefer, James$ 260.0012/31/202230 dSmith, Stacey$ 260.0012/31/202230 dWarren, Cynthia$ 260.0012/30/202231 dPrischak, Robert$ 260.0012/30/202231 dSilverman, Barry and Sandy$ 250.0012/10/202251 dMartin, Samuel$ 250.0012/10/202251 dGordon, MaryCatherine$ 250.0012/15/202246 dCucchiara, Maia$ 250.0012/14/202247 dRobert Warner, Jean Hemphill $ 250.0012/22/202239 dSindoni, John$ 250.0012/30/202231 dCrowley, Bradford$ 250.0011/29/202262 dSilver, Emily$ 250.0012/26/202235 dLefkowitz, Dr. Stanley and Debra$ 250.0012/26/202235 dHALPERT, EMY AND MICHAEL$ 208.0012/29/202232 dHendler, Dr. Barry$ 200.0012/22/202239 dMarimow, William$ 160.0012/22/202239 dCarson, Cheryl $ 156.0011/30/202261 dBurnett, Meghan$ 156.0012/16/202245 dColeman, Kara$ 150.0012/04/202257 dGayle, Jennifer$ 104.0012/31/202230 dAhern, G$ 104.0012/31/202230 dKatz, Leah$ 104.0012/11/202250 dchung, christina$ 104.0012/11/202250 dMozes, Annie$ 104.0012/30/202231 dDaniel, Nadia Billig$ 104.0012/19/202242 dBeaser, Lawrence$ 104.0012/31/202230 dBrinton, Joanna$ 104.0012/15/202246 dMuroff, Daniel$ 104.0012/26/202235 dPanfil, Anne$ 104.0012/28/202233 dSaffron, Inga $ 104.0012/26/202235 dMargolies, Janet$ 104.0001/02/202328 dRoth, Sam$ 104.0001/20/202310 dKlehr, Deborah$ 104.0012/30/202231 dSparks, Laura and Andrew$ 104.0012/30/202231 dWard, Rebecca$ 104.0012/29/202232 dArmstrong Halber, Lori$ 104.0012/16/202244 dKisielewski, Brian$ 104.0012/29/202232 dCohen, Barbara$ 100.0012/19/202242 dDelecato, Barbara$ 100.0012/14/202247 dWise, Meg$ 100.0012/15/202246 dBacine, Marcy and Dan$ 100.0001/03/202327 dJordan , Brian$ 100.0012/18/202243 dBogoni, Jenny$ 100.0012/19/202242 dRoth, Sam$ 100.0001/18/202312 dSinger, Paula$ 100.0012/31/202230 dEinhorn, Edgar and Barbara$ 100.0012/20/202241 dBurke, Linda$ 100.0001/03/202327 dSilver, Andrew and Merrill$ 100.0012/29/202232 dCoghlan, Angela$ 75.0011/29/202262 dRice, Kay$ 52.0012/11/202250 dCarter, Melanie$ 52.0012/11/202250 dWood, Audrey$ 52.0012/31/202230 dOwen, Penelope $ 52.0012/26/202235 dJesuele, Kate$ 52.0001/20/202310 dSherlock, Patrick$ 52.0012/29/202232 dTeger, Daniel and Nava$ 50.0012/29/202232 dWeeks, Helma$ 50.0012/22/202239 dPeterman, Jacques $ 50.0012/14/202247 dGoldman, Daphne$ 50.0012/12/202249 dCameron, Melissa$ 50.0012/28/202233 dWilson, Mark and Nathalie$ 50.0001/03/202327 dKnauss, Linda$ 50.0012/26/202235 dCohen Smith, Susan$ 37.4411/30/202261 dPeterson, Melanoe$ 26.0012/20/202241 dRoberts, Shannon$ 26.0012/15/202246 dLukmire, David$ 26.0001/28/20232 dHaberfeld, Jacqueline$ 26.0012/11/202250 dChaplin , Margaret $ 26.0012/31/202230 dColeman, Susannah$ 26.0012/07/202254 dRoberts, Shannon $ 26.0012/17/202244 dHoffman, Lisa$ 26.0011/30/202261 dRoberts, Shannon $ 26.0001/16/202314 dLipko, Thomas $ 25.0001/06/202324 dKatz, Joseph and Amy$ 25.0001/17/202313 d

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